Differing types of exterior lightening systems provided by Lightening retailers in Sydney

The lighting at the front/back yard of any house is just as important as the inside. After all, more people will be looking at the front of the house as they pass by it every day. They’re a great variety of choices when it comes to different outdoor lighting systems that are provided at lighting retailers in Sydney such as Mases Lightening in Tempe and Belmore. This blog post will go over the different types of exterior light options demonstrating the wide array of variety.

Bollard Lights

Simply enough these lights are well … lights on bollards. Bollards are posts that stick out of the ground, they are used quite frequently to illuminate walkways and set boundaries around the exterior of a property.

Bunker Lights

Bunker lights are thick enclosed lights suitable for practical lightning to illuminate very dark places. These lights are typically used around pools residentially and other dark areas that need a powerful source of light. They are a common purchase at lighting retailers in Sydney.

Deck Lights/In-ground Lights

These aesthetic lights are built into decks or the ground and almost always are circularly framed. They don’t particularly shine up entire areas on their own. However, a collection of these lights does have a nice illuminating effect in the backyard making it far easier to get around.

Garden Spike Lights

Another aesthetic choice, this time for your garden. They provide quality illumination that is sure to liven up your front/back yard at night as they rise from the ground ominously. The metallic variants are modern and sleek and can pair beautifully with a modern house.

All these variants of exterior lighting systems can be found at the renowned lighting retailer in Sydney: Mases Lighting who not only provides exterior lights but also Interior, LED, Commercial, Residential, Fans and heaters and other accessories. Jump online today to find out more and make an order!