LED lights solutions have come to the forefront of the lighting market in recent years. Even though a lot of people have already been convinced with the fact that LEDs can be the efficient solution for their commercial or home uses, many people are still skeptical about replacing the conventional lighting methods due to the myths that usually float around. Continue reading to find the answers about longer-term cost savings LED lights solutions as Mases Lighting is here to help you bust, dispel, and debunk the myths and misconceptions you might have related to the keep up with the ever-changing LED technology landscape.

Let’s have a look at some of the myths from the world of LED myths:

1.    When LEDs die, they blink out, but in reality, their lumen is depreciated with time and starts to emit less light instead of blinking out.

  1. A pack of LED bulbs is expensive as compared to the pack of conventional light bulbs

3.    LEDs only have glaring light with bright-white shine, whereas LEDs continue to make us wonder by providing us with the flexibility of color temperature.

  1. LEDs need a warm-up time before they are needed, but in reality, when LEDs are turned on they hit their full brightness immediately.
  2. LEDs are not dimmable, whereas LEDs are exactly dimmable but the process is a little different as LED chips and arrays dim by turning on and off in rapid succession.
  3. LED lamps are not vibration resistant, but LEDs continue to work even with vibration due to their strong built hardware that has no loose wires.
  4. LEDs have poor lighting quality, but the CRI of most LEDs is greater than 80 which is slightly less than conventional light bulbs.
  5. When it comes to heat radiation, LEDs are no different than traditional light lamps. Though LEDs also emit heat but not in any way near to the intensity as that of conventional light bulbs.
  6. LEDs surges up the electricity bill, but in reality, the power bill significantly drops with LEDs lighting due to its capability to save up on energy consumption.
  7. LED technology can’t get any better, whereas the LED technology is in a continuous state of evolution as with each passing year a new innovation better than the old one emerges.

We are here to help you with whether or not an LED lighting solution makes the most sense for your commercial, industrial, or residential property. Mases Lighting specializes in providing eco-friendly solutions in a variety of applications from LED floodlights for sports complexes or warehouses to dimmable LED lights for a cozy home feeling in cafes or residential areas.