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Electricity suppliers in particular areas of Australia such as NSW and QLD are injecting an off-peak ripple control signal onto their distribution networks in order to remotely control devices such as off-peak hot water systems and street lighting. Ripple injection control systems work by superimposing coded control signal, commonly 750Hz or 1050Hz on the 50 Hz mains supply. This allows for one way communication with loads without additional communications infrastructure. For customers, ripple injection control systems allow for access to cheaper off-peak electricity. Some electrical appliances such as fans, toasters and lighting can be sensitive to this ripple control signal. The results could be audible buzzing noises from fans or flickering lights whenever the ripple control signals are present. The ripple signal filter is a tuned passive inline filter which completely eliminates the superimposed ripple injection control signal from the normal mains supply to produce a noise free filtered mains supply which can then be connected to the electrical appliances or light control systems. The ripple signal filter is specifically tuned to eliminate the ripple control signal frequency of 750Hz or 1050Hz.


• Guaranteed ripple signal flicker free with S-Click dimmers • HNS030RF-750 completely eliminates 750Hz off peak ripple signal • HNS030RF-1050 completely eliminates 1050Hz off peak ripple signal • Works with LED, Halogen, CFL and Incandescent lamps • Stops LED lights flickering during ripple signal events • Stops buzzing noises in fans during ripple signal events • Simple and easy to install • Designed to fit through downlight hole • Can be used for mulitple dimmers – total load must not exceed 250W

2.2. OPERATING CONDITIONS • Supply Voltage: 230-240Va.c. 50Hz • Output Voltage: Filtered 230-240Va.c. 50Hz • Power Rating: 250W • Frequencies: HNS030RF-750: 750Hz HNS030RF-1050: 1050Hz • Attenuation: -30dB Nominal • Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 °C • Compliance Standard: AS/NZS 3100 • Ingress Protection: IP20

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