The Different Types of Lighting for Enhancing the Ambiance

The ambiance of your space is the first target of any homeowner and everyone wants to get the most out of it, that is why it is important not to settle for only one type of lighting all over the house. Instead, you must opt for different styles and create a truly stylish aura of the room by layering your lighting the same way you would do for the colors or fabrics. Mases Lighting in Sydney is all about lighting solutions. We specialize in using ambient, accent, and task lighting to massively improve the visual appearance of your home. Our professional team will help you to remove unflattering shadows while balancing the outlook of your home to make it more comfortable using three lighting layers which include:

Ambient Lighting

It is a general lighting layer to give overall illumination. Usually, it is boring to opt for Ambient Lighting only that’s why it is recommended to layer it with another type of lightning. Ambient lighting is usually created using overhead lighting, including pendants, mounted ceiling fixtures, or chandeliers.

Accent Lighting

The decorative layer is the next layer to consider which allows you to highlight areas that you need to anchor throughout your home, including artwork, architecture, and other features that don’t get their due with standard ambient lighting.  Accent lighting not only highlights the focal points but also gives a fresh vibe to the place and chases away the gloom of the room. Typical accent lighting includes wall sconces, track lighting, and rope lights.

Task Lighting

For performing specific tasks in certain areas the final layer of lighting is designed to provide illumination and is used to remove distracting glare and shadows while providing enough light to prevent eye strain. Common task lights include table and floor lamps, desk lamps, vanity lighting, and pendant lighting.

If you are looking for customized solutions for the lighting of your house then Mases Lighting in Sydney is the right place to opt for. We specialize in providing trendy lighting solutions for your home or offices including chandelier lights, commercial outdoor lights, custom Led strip lights, dimmable led lights, commercial outdoor lights, exterior led lights, interior step lights, and interior wall lights.