If you are trying to change the outlook of your open facilities like a commercial warehouse, sports complexes, or even small places like home, then it is the perfect time to replace the old conventional lighting with the LED lighting by going for LED floodlights or dimmable LED lights. In comparison to conventional lighting, LED lighting has a lot of technological perks including not only improved energy and maintenance efficiencies but also better quality light.

Conventional lighting usually involves the use of linear fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps which you might think of as an improvement over incandescent bulbs but these still pose threats like disposal hazards including shorter lifespan, and less efficiency in addition to maintenance issues in comparison with LEDs. Let us dive deep into the factors that aren’t typically discussed but make a big difference considering the overall efficiency of the lighting system.

  • LEDs Eliminate Warm-Up Times

LEDs eliminate the need for the long notorious warm-up times to get to full power. With LEDs, you don’t have to operate the lights for 20-25 minutes before you really need them. Therefore, you save up on energy as compared to conventional halide bulbs which burn energy before their use and become less efficient at lower power.

  • The Ability To Dim Lighting

LEDs have built-in hardware that allows for dim lighting. Additionally, LEDs become even more efficient when they operate at less than full power, and also their lifespan increases. Therefore, opting for an LED-based solution is not only budget-friendly but also allows to save up on energy resources. In order to save more, the “adaptive lighting” concept can be used where LEDs are installed in conjunction with the sensors (like timers or motion devices).

  • LEDs Are Capable of Frequent Switching

As compared to the metal halide lights where lights need to be turned for some time before actual use which makes them difficult to use in conditions where prompt lighting is required. In such situations, LEDs can be life savior as these can be turned off and turned back on instantaneously without having to wait and with no degradation to the light output or the device itself which means energy and device lifespan are not compromised when the lights are not needed.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for LED floodlights for your open facilities or dimmable LED Lights for your home, Mases Lighting can provide you with the state-of-the-art LED Lights Solution keeping in view your requirements without compromising the quality.